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Revolutionize Texas science education with Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI). By integrating ADI into classrooms, students develop critical thinking, scientific literacy, and a deep understanding of scientific concepts. ADI fosters scientific argumentation skills. Through hands-on investigations, they gain a profound grasp of science, critical thinking and collaboration skills. 

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100% aligned with both TEKS & ELPS

Our curriculum for Grades 3 to 5 is TEA-approved. The K-2 curriculum is fully aligned with TEKS standards, while the curriculum for Grades 6 to 12 serves as a supplementary lab resource, also aligning with TEKS requirements.

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K - 5


6 - 12


6 - 12


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Argument-Driven Inquiry Instructional Model

The ADI instructional model was created based on the latest research on learning and tested through partnerships with Texas and Florida school districts over a period of ten years. It serves as a helpful guide for creating impactful 3D science investigations that encourage students to understand the underlying reasons behind observable events. When teachers use these investigations in their classrooms, students not only learn new scientific concepts, but also develop critical thinking skills and literacy through reading, writing, and communicative activities.

Hands-On Investigation Kits

ADI’s investigation kits simplify the implementation of ADI for teachers. These kits include all the essential hands-on materials required for effective curriculum delivery. We offer both initial hands-on kits and consumable kits for ongoing use.

Hands-On Kit


Enough supplies for an entire class of 24 students

ADI kits

Simplify and stay organized with the convenience of ADI kits


Durable materials built to last

Lab kits

Each bundle includes lab kits for the entire school yeargrouped by topic

Simplified Curriculum Delivery

Unlock the Power of ADI: High-Quality Curriculum in the Learning Hub and Print Materials for Teachers and Students

Transformative Digital Tools for Effortless Teaching and Learning

The ADI Learning Hub, where efficiency meets engagement, and learning transcends boundaries. Our digital tools redefine the educational landscape, providing teachers and students with a seamless experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom.

Research Reveals Significant Surge in Student Learning

The research consistently demonstrates that the use of ADI in classrooms promotes and supports student learning.

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Instructional-Materials based Professional Learning

Embark on a Journey of Professional Learning: Our instructional-materials based professional learning experiences align with our vision of promoting rich, inquiry-based learning for both students and teachers. We’re here to guide you through the transition to the 2024 science TEKS. Our professional learning experts collaborate with your teachers, offering comprehensive support on ADI curriculum, pedagogy, and the digital platform.

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Your Questions, Answered.

The new Texas Science curriculum recognizes the importance of developing scientific argumentation skills. The curriculum incorporates the principles of Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI), emphasizing student engagement in investigations, data collection, and the construction of evidence-based arguments.

The curriculum acknowledges a departure from traditional methods by embracing active learning and critical thinking. ADI principles are woven into instructional strategies to shift the focus from memorization to a more interactive approach that involves data analysis and scientific discourse.

Recognizing the crucial role of teachers, the curriculum emphasizes their role as facilitators and guides in the ADI process. It provides support for educators to assist students in developing investigative questions, guiding data collection, and facilitating meaningful class discussions.

The curriculum addresses the adaptability of ADI for different grade levels. It provides guidelines for educators to tailor investigations based on grade-level appropriateness, ensuring that the ADI process is challenging yet accessible, promoting critical thinking across various developmental stages.